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A town that lives and breathes music

The picturesque little streets in Kronberg’s historical old town are the perfect place for a stroll that offers plenty of new things to discover – Kronberg Castle with a splendid view of the Frankfurt skyline, the English-style Victoria Park with its hundred-year-old trees … or the next concert at one of the town’s atmospheric venues.

During Kronberg Academy’s events the streets are filled with music – and that special, contagious atmosphere that is so typical of Kronberg Academy. Get to know the town that lives and breathes music!

Paying a visit to Rostropovich and Casals

The “world capital of the cello” has monuments to two leading cellists: Mstislav Rostropovich and Pablo Casals. During his lifetime “Slava” gave masterclasses in Kronberg – now he is waiting for us in the Schulgarten, a small garden that once belonged to the school (now demolished), having “taken up residence” near to the Stadthalle. The close association with Pablo Casals is expressed in the sculpture “Tribute to Pablo Casals”, which can be found not far from the little lake known as the Schillerweiher (Schiller Pond) in Victoria Park.

Musical museum visit

If the weather is bad, it is worth visiting the Kronberg Artists Colony Museum at Villa Winter. This is also where some of Kronberg Academy’s events take place. Come and hear what it’s all about!


Here you can fortify yourself culinarily in between and after the concerts:

Gasthaus Adler
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 13
Telefon 06173 7027156

Le‘s Cuisine
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 29
Telefon 06173 809585

Brunch and Bar
Berliner Platz 1
Telefon 06173 3274545

Bäckerei Café
Modi Modi
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 10
Telefon 06173 6010258

Domo Kanton
Asiatisches Restaurant
Westerbachstraße 23
Telefon 06173 78898

Liebe Zeit
Katharinenstraße 6
Telefon 06173 2729

Mangia Mangia
Frankfurter Str. 1-7
Telefon 06173 967174

Café Merci
Berliner Platz 6
Telefon 06173 7028457

Monis Macarons & Tartes
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 20
Telefon 0178 3294151

Pizzeria Toscana
Katharinenstraße 4
Telefon 06173 9959990

Berliner Platz 7-9
Telefon 06173 927950

Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 6
Telefon 06173 5774

Restaurant im Park
Italienisches Restaurant
Telefon 06173 995595

Restaurant Schlosshotel Kronberg
Hainstraße 25
Telefon 06173 70101

Gaststätte Zum Schützenhof
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 1
Telefon 06173 7838288

Sylvie’s Café
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 6a
Telefon 06173 9952777

Restaurant, Café, Bar
Tanzhausstraße 15a
Telefon 06173 963484

Grüne Gans
Pferdstraße 20
Telefon 06173 783666

Klinger Delikatessen und Weine
Tanzhausstraße 10
Telefon 06173 940803


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